Look who stopped in the other day but none other than our old pal KENNY OLSON!!  Kenny played with Kid Rock for the first 12 years and has been very sucessful since he left KID 13 years ago recording and performing all over the WORLD!  He claims I sold him his first guitar when he was just 13.  We LOVE Kenny!!

Les Paul

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Buddy Guy

Bo Dittley


Albert Collins

Bob Seger's Band

Eric Burden

​Eric Johnson


Lenny Kravitz

Steve Howe

John Denver

Ian Hunter

Stevie Winwood

Mitch Ryder

Jim McCarty


Duke Robbilard

Billie Joel's Band

J. Giels

GRETSCH 1957; DUO JET MOLITA bridge DEAROND pickups hump back inlays RARE version and CLEAN! $4,850.00

KRAMER FOCUS 3000 JAPAN! Floyd $950.00

Shop My Store on Reverb

Havin' some fun,,

back in the early 90's !!! 

Gatemouth Brown

Frank Gambale

and MANY more!!!

Taking a couple of VOX AC-30's to UPS shipping them south to MISSISIPPI.  We ship all over the world ALL the time!

Look who came by the store the other day to buy some gear. DENNY LAINE of Paul McCartney & Wings, Moody Blues, etc. Cool guy. Hung out on his way to sound check. Playin' at the Majic Bag. What a FANTASIC group of musicians as I got to go see them that night.!!!

There are no Michigan Guitar Shows currently scheduled. ​

​Watch this space for more information.



 MINT SEAFOAM GREEN Vintage Reissue USA 24 year old STRATOCASTER with all the case candy. $2,150.

Here at Gordy's Music in Ferndale, Michigan, we are so proud, happy, and grateful, to have gotten this certificate, and been picked as one of Reverb's TOP 300 SELLERS!! What an honor and we would like to thank you our customers and we will continue to work very hard to make and keep you happy and satisfied continuously, all year round, year after year. I want to personally thank my partner & wife Marcia, my very skilled staff, some who have been putting up with me as long as 37 of our almost 40 years. Lastly, I would like to thank Reverb for always being there when there was a problem, for standing up and protecting not just the customer, but us dealers ourselves. They have never let us down, they are always striving to make their selling site the 'best' there is out there because that is what 'they' are. The BEST!

Here I am consummating a deal with my old buddy Wayne Baraks from 'RARE EARTH'. Wayne is currently fronting the group and doing the lead vocals!!  Buying a RARE 1963 Fender Bass Vl in pieces to be restored.  That is what WE DO!  BUY old guitars-amps-& some keyboards in ANY condition and restore them or use them for parts.  We pay TOP CASH!  More than anyone in Michigan so give me a call.  What you think is no good could be worth a lot of CASH!  1-248-546-7447

We also SELL vintage effect pedals, microphones, straps, and many more vintage type GIFT items in out shop, or we can easily just ship anything righjt to you. We are always looking to BUY and we pay TOP $$ for any of these type items pictured below.

Acoustic 360/361 BASS RIG 1971 JACO! CLEAN! RARE!  $2,450.00

 OPEN by appointment ONLY!  Wednesday thru Saturday from 11:30 to 5:30. Call ahead and make one. I do make special appointments every day even Sundays if it is important. We get a lot of out of town business even on Sunday.     1-248-546-7447 or  gordy@gordysmusic.com

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Below we have a War time 1943 Martin 0-18 that is having a neck reset. It will be ready right around XMAS!

LOVE those 60's Fender Reverb units!!

​VOX AC-10 very RARE!  Call $$

This 1959' Gibson ES-355 is in near MINT condition w/tag PAF pickups is a RARE non stereo no varitone switch and VERY clean Lifton  brown case!!

​Maestro Echoplex?  EP-2 Green tube and EP-3 transistor!! Got lots of them right now READY! to SHIP! or come on in!


So who strops by the shop the other day with his 2 guitar players? Touring through town from Texas, it was Eric Johnson! His guitar player picked up the National and could not stop playing for 20 minutes! He sounded fantastic and said,

'this is the best sounding metal bodied guitar I have EVER played!'  Too cool.

Our current INVENTORY is on Reverb.com, just click the link --->

RICERNBACKER early 1967 366 12 string 12 to 6 STRINGG COVERTOR COMB CLEAN RARE! $6,995.00

I'm not old,, I am VINTAGE!!


 John Iden of the 60's group the "yardbirds" playin' and diggin' the 68 National acoustic

Had a very nice visit from my old friend John Idan of the 'Yardbirds' at our store. He strolled on in from England for a couple of hours we just had a BLAST!! Talked about old times, he was coming up with some memories from the mid-70's I sure as hell forgot about. We used to jam a lot back then. He was my neighbor, I was playin' bars 6 nights a week and he was just a kid. A very talented kid obviously and I have been very happy for him since he moved to England 30 years ago or so eventually hooking up with the Yardbirds.

Here we have a 1 owner all ORIGINAL early 1963 Fender P bass with case candy!


WE have been & still are SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

for 38 years now!!


It takes a lot of PARTS to do VINTAGE repairs & RESTORATIONS         & we have 40 YEARS worth of very old hard to find PARTS. 

​1973 Les Paul Goldtop owned by the group STYX and signed by their longest member guitarist James Young!!

We like, specialize and REPAIR:
and many, many more.  We also repair amplifiers and effect pedals as well.


Albert Collins Master of the Telecaster and the BLUES. R.I.P. at a Fairground Guitar Show back in the early 90's!!!


Celebrities-Groups we have serviced in the past 38 years

​BEFORE & AFTER! This is what we DO! Turn garbage in to GOLD!



3341 Hilton Rd. Ferndale, Mich. 48220 right on the corner of 10 mile and Hilton 1 mile east of 10 & Woodward.

                     WE always need
  older guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, dobros,
amplifiers, effect pedals, parts, vintage keyboards, 
we buy ENTIRE collections IN ANY CONDITION!!!!
                 WE also do CONSIGNMENT!

                 Let us SELL your gear for you!

PRS 1991 BLUE WHALE!! near MINT! last year of the good components! $4950.00


Below we have a very 'RARE' 1966 Gibson Thunderbird ll non Reverse Bass refinished & restored by us in a Gibson custom color ARTIC WHITE. Gibson only made 361 of these basses in 1966. $9,850.00


​Restoring a 66' Vox Organ,  69' RARE Avacado Fender Rhodes piano, 66 Leslie model 145 rotating cabinet, Blackface 65' Super Reverb and just finished the early 67' Fender Duo Showman Amp Blackface head,.


"The Detroit areas most interesting used guitar-stringed instrument shop"


Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart for accordions. My Dad raised us 6 Sicilan kids on the instrument & I had 10 years of classical training from him, a true professional career musician, gigging until he was 86, and receiving a 70 YEAR PLAQUE from Detroit Local 5 Musicians Union. My STRONG passion is Vintage Guitars, Stringed Instruments, & Amps, but yes, I have a weakness.

​Fender Twin' 1994 near MINT! Screamer $,1,150.00

Vivian Cambell

Ted Nugent

Dee Dee Ramone

Cub Coda

Kenny Olson

Jack White 


Jack Earl

Earl Klugh


The Black Crowes