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Havin' some fun,, back in the early 90's !!! 

Michigan's Annual  GUITAR  SHOW is  coming 

NOVEMBER  18th  2018  at

the  Taylor  Town Trade  Center  22525  Ecorse  Rd,  Taylor,  MI,  48180

Go to the the guitar show tab at the top left of the page for the upcoming flyer and dealer information about our 29th year of this event

                     WE PAY 'TOP CASH'
 for older guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, dobros,
amplifiers, effect pedals, parts, vintage keyboards, 
we buy ENTIRE collections IN ANY CONDITION!!!!
                 WE also do CONSIGNMENT!

                 Let us SELL your gear for you!

ESTATES:  For the past 32 years Gordys Music has been assisting in the liquidation of  various types of musical instrument collections. Whether large or small we will be happy to help you get top dollar for whatever type of musical instrument collection you may have. In just the past YEAR alone we have successfully assisted a DOZEN or more different estate collections. Many of these collections were from customers of ours over the past 3-4 decades. 

Contact us at (248) 546-7447 or gordysmusic@prodigy.net   

Gordy Lupo, Gordys Music.

We like and specialize in:
and many, many more.

Decca Beetle bass copy very RARE $350 w/gigbag

Here is a sample of a few of the amplifiers that we have in stock this week. It is an EVER changing inventory. Call for more info: (248) 546-7447

UNIVOX Beetle bass copy VERY RARE $750 w/HC

Gordy's Music hours:
  OPEN  TUESDAY thru SATURDAY from 11:00-6:00 or 7:00 pm
Mondays by 
appointment only.

5-18-18 John Iden of the 60's group the "yardbirds" playin' and diggin' the 68 National acoustic

Had a very nice visit from my old friend John Idan of the 'Yardbirds' yesterday at our store. He strolled on in from England for a couple of hours we just had a BLAST!! Talked about old times, he was coming up with some memories from the mid-70's I sure as hell forgot about. We used to jam a lot back then. He was my neighbor, I was playin' bars 6 nights a week and he was just a kid. A very talented kid obviously and I have been very happy for him since he moved to England 30 years ago or so eventually hooking up with the Yardbirds. Anyway, thanks for stopping by John!  So great to see you in the flesh instead of email-text etc. Look forward to your USA tour in June & November as Marcia and I HAVE to come and see you. Have a great visit my brother,    Gordy

Hofner 1967 very RARE model! $3,250

100's of guitars and EVERY stringed instrument you can imagine.
ALL of our guitars are totally exchangeable so you can bring it back ANYTIME and trade it for a better guitar or just a different one.

FENDER CUSTOM JAZZ BASS Mexican w/ OUR custom paint job which is available to you the public.   $575   w/gig bag

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