FENDER VIBROLUX REVERB 1965 near MINT!!  collector grade w/switch                      $3,500.00

Always lots of CIGAR BOX guitars!!!                 $125.00 and up!

Our amp selection is constantly changing daily.  We repair-restore-re-tube our own and customers onsite.  We have the best prices and the fastest turnaround in town. We do not do mods but we will do de-mods back to original.  1-248-546-7447

Blonde 63' Bandmaster w/ 2-12 cab $2,350.00 cigarette burns included. 63'Blond 2-12 cab only  $750.00 Vox AC-50  1965 $1,500.00  Vox Scorpion combo $650.00 4-10" Bulldogs, Kustom 200 3-15 stack 1969 MINT w/covers!!! $1,350.00  ACOUSTIC 360 BASS RIG  RARE!!  JACO!! $1,650.00 etc.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


"The Detroit areas most interesting used guitar-stringed instrument shop"