"The Detroit areas most interesting used guitar-stringed instrument shop"


More fodder!! couple of TEISCOS  JAPAN!!  They come and they go.

76 Byrdland mint! $6,350.  79 ES-335 near mint!  $3,250.  50's Orpheum nice $850.00

a BATCH FENDER SQUIERS,, ALL colors!!  1 nice MEXICAN,, starting at $90.00.

Nice 1976 Fender Tele re-fin $1,650.  player YES!!  Epi FLAMETOP sweet headstock repair player $250.00 fodder, fodder, fodder,,

more fodder,,,, nice Ibanez 1996 Talman RARE original $650.00,, Custom Michigan build F-hole TELE style Iman mflametop,, $650.00

Back in 1993 having some fun with Les Paul in Manhattan,,,

and then there is KEITH!!!